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Why Getting Fit Is Easier With A Personal Trainer

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 When our smartphones are hooked to a dozen of different social media platforms, following health and fitness influencers who publish a new workout move every week, it’s difficult to figure out why some of us fail to get fit. However, if you’ve been trying to encourage yourself to tackle your back-in-shape journey by using social media influencers as an inspiration, you need to be realistic about the situation. Indeed, influencers are nothing more than users whose social media posts are popular. However, there is no guarantee that they’ve risen to fame as a result of their expert knowledge in sports and fitness, for instance. In fact, 9 out of 10 social media influencers unwillingly shares unhealthy advice, both in terms of diet and workout. In other words, if you’ve been relying on their posts to progress through your fitness journey, you needn’t be surprised not to have recorded any significant improvement. Additionally, another common issue of social media during your fitness journey is that it doesn’t replace genuine and personal support. Of course, you should feel free to post about your progress and let everybody know how you’re doing. But, you need to think twice before following social media fitness fits. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of photos, including fitness shots, are filtered, photoshopped and edited to show only what the influencer wants you to see. In short, don’t be tempted to follow their fitness plan because it promises to give great muscle definition. The abs on the photo may not be real! If you’re looking for knowledgeable and safe support throughout your fitness journey to help you achieve your goals and improve your health, Instagram is not the answer. A Personal trainer is the secret weapon you need.


A PT creates a welcoming environment for you

Your fitness journey is a labor of love. As approach the journey for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Indeed, you are, at the beginning of your adventure, at your weakest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the gym again after an injury or signing up for the first time in your life; every beginning is unique. Unfortunately, when you are alone to tackle the challenges, you can’t stop yourself from comparing with other gym-goers or other bodies on social media. They’re stronger, fitter, more knowledgeable about the gym. There is no denying that they are, indeed, further into their fitness journey than you are. As such, the comparison is unfair and can only make you feel inadequate. If there’s one thing you can learn from the Smart Bodies Fitness Training Center success stories, it’s that everybody needs a personal trainer to feel welcome from Day One. Your personal trainer acts like a friend who introduces you to the workout you need and who makes sure you never feel lost and alone in this new environment.


A PT helps you to recover from an injury

Going back to sports after an injury can be tricky. Indeed, an injury forces your body in a stand-by position. You need to recover before you can head back to your workouts. During this time, a personal trainer is essential to show you not only how to train safely but also how to regain strength. Indeed, your body is weakened by the recovery period. When you can’t train for an extended period of time, you can lose muscle mass, flexibility, stability, and endurance. There’s no denying that your first post-injury workout needs to be adapted to your current physical agility. Your PT develops a custom program to help you to rebuild your strength gradually and safely.


A PT makes you accountable

Everybody has good days when you are eager to hit the gym, and bad days when all you want to hit is the snooze button. Working out on your own makes it more challenging to make yourself accountable for your bad days. We also find an excuse to justify skipping the gym or having a slice of yummy cake. It’s okay, you tell you, I’ll work out tomorrow. And then tomorrow becomes next week, next month, and before you know it, you’re back to where you started. A personal trainer, however, removes all your lousy excuses. Your PT gives you a lesson in accountability. He’s the one who tracks your performance and follows your efforts. More importantly, he’s the one who’s going to notice if you skip training. You answer to your PT until you find the discipline to shut down your lazy self!


A PT keeps you motivated

You’re doing great.

Don’t give up; you’re nearly there!

You’re stronger than you think.


Let’s be honest. At the beginning of your fitness journey, you’re not going to be able to find anything positive to say about your performance. But your personal trainer is there to pace you and encourage you. More importantly, if there’s someone who can embrace all your insecurities as this heart-felt Medium article shows, it’s your trainer. Indeed, a good trainer understands when to push you and when to stop, and, more to the point, intuitively knows how to give you the mental strength to stick to your goals. Motivation doesn’t appear out of thin air. It demands dedication, especially when you have to work hard to see results.


A PT knows all the tricks in the box

All you need is to invest in a yummy protein shake, and you’re ready to get back in shape, right?

Wrong. A lot of protein supplements contain high calories and sugar, which may not help you to achieve your goal. When you need to refuel your energy without canceling your workout efforts, your personal trainer is the first person to talk to. Countless trainers are also trained to provide nutrition advice, which means that they know how to replenish the muscles and the soul. From choosing your protein wisely to knowing when and how to indulge, listen to your PT’s tips to get in shape without depriving yourself.



In conclusion, a personal trainer is the light that guides you through the darkness until you can reach your fitness goal. Finding someone you can trust is crucial. Your PT is more than a workout expert. It’s a friend, a confidant, a motivator, and an inspiration.


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