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Top 3 Fitness Tips

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Looking to get fit in 2020? Here are some top tips…


Reach your goals quickly with a personal trainer

Are you fed up of feeling unfit and unmotivated? Do you want to get a bikini body in time for summer? Are you planning on running the marathon this year? Whatever your reason for getting in shape is, a personal trainer can help you reach your desired fitness goals as soon as possible.


We know what it’s like; you go to the gym or a training class for a week or two and you feel uninspired because you don’t notice any immediate results. The reason why you feel this way is likely to do with the fact that you aren’t doing exercises specifically suited to you. Too many people are wasting their time doing exercises that are largely ineffective in relation to their fitness goals.


For those of you who currently have a personal trainer or have had one in the past, ask yourself whether the trainer took the time to get to know you properly? Did they discover if you have any health concerns? Did they ask you what your daily routine is like? Did they learn about what you tend to eat on a typical day? Did they ask you if you are someone who easily feels unmotivated? Most companies do not take the time and effort to get to know their clients and this is why they don’t achieve their desired results. This is also why you need to choose a personal trainer with a great amount of care.


Not only can your personal trainer instruct you on achieving your health goals, but they can help you during your period of isolation. Perhaps you’re going to create a home gym? From getting the right gym cable if you need a gym cable for different types of equipment to choosing the most effective equipment, they can assist with this.


Consider pre-workout supplements

Pre-training supplements are perfect for individuals who would like to get the most out of their time at the gym. But, with the number of products out there, it can be challenging to determine what the best supplements for the gym are. With that in mind, continue reading to learn more about the some of the top pre-exercise supplements.


To start with, we have Arnold Series Iron Pump. If muscle building and performance gains are the main priority for you, this is a great option. You’ll get a solid pump due to the blend of arginine-free pump matrixes and cutting edge nitric oxide promoting pathways.


Next on the list is LA Muscle Testorone, which is perfect for those who find themselves seeking natural supplements since it is herbal-based. It’s manufactured to organically boost testosterone levels to enhance muscle protein power and synthesis while also enhancing motivation.


Another great pre-exercise supplement is Musclephram Assault, with every serving made up of ION-3 Nitrate Technology nutrients and patented Carnosyn Beta-Alanine. One of the best aspects of this supplement is that it’s suitable for a wide selection of sports athletes because it provides support for stamina, power, muscle mass and total training ability.


Another one of the most well-liked gym supplements is Grenade 50 Calibre. This product is made up of over 20 ingredients that have been university examined and are found in an array of flavours, like berry, lemon, and cola. Last of all, Muscle Meds No Bull is another pre-exercise routine formula worthy of considering. It blends ergogenic compounds, anabolic compounds and nitric oxide for supreme overall performance.


Get involved in a team sport, like cricket

Cricket is good for the mind and body. To get started, you’ll need to get yourself a good quality cricket bat! When people start to play cricket for the first time one of the biggest mistakes they make is not arming themselves with a quality bat. A lot of people have the tendency to assume that it does not matter what cricket bat you purchase – they are all the same. However, this is definitely not the case. If you browse the web you will see that you have a truly monumental number of options at your disposal and this choice is there for a reason. If you do not choose your cricket bat with the care you will never reach your true potential, as your bat will constantly be holding you back. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover all you need to know about how your choice of cricket bats can make or break your performance…


First and foremost, one of the biggest errors is purchasing a bat that is made from Kashmir willow. Perhaps this is an ok choice if you merely want to try cricket for the first time and see whether it is something you are interested in. However, if you want to continue to play the sport you definitely need to upgrade your bat. Because of the growing conditions, Kashmir contains too much moisture and thus the quality of the bat is poor. Thus, it is of no surprise that 90 per cent of willow for cricket bats is made in Suffolk or Essex. If you do not want your game to be hindered you should definitely opt for English willow, as this will improve your performance and ensure you are able to find that all-important sweet spot when you are striking the ball.


Aside from this, when playing cricket it is imperative to be entirely comfortable with the bat you use, if you are to reach your full potential. One of the biggest blunders people make in relation to this is failing to purchase the right sized cricket bat for them. Again, many individuals assume that all cricket bats are the same size. However, you have many different options to choose from, and it is important to find a bat that is ideal for you. In general your main decision will be whether to go for a short-handled bat or a long handled bat. Most individuals only tend to go for the latter option if they are taller than 6 ft. 3 inches.


Last but not least, the weight of the bat you select has a massive impact on your performance as well. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the weight you should select. It is all about finding the right balance and what works for you. Nonetheless, think about the affects that are going to occur if you select a weight that is not ideal. Firstly, if you go for a bat that feels too heavy, you are going to struggle to swing it with ease and this will negatively impact your game. On the other hand, if you opt for a bat that is too light, you are going to find it extremely difficult to generate the power necessary when striking the ball.


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