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Here are a few testimonials from real people who experienced our training. If they can do it – you can too!

fit for life

Meet Christine Emery

Whenever I meet someone in this field, I receive the “one-size-fits-all” treatment. Not with Daniel!! He listened to what I wanted to accomplish and puts a lot of effort into finding what is right for me. If something we try does not work, he moves on to something else. He knows how to educate me on the technique while also encouraging me on my efforts. And, he remembers that laughing is part of a good workout. Within 60 days I feel stronger and more agile and am so happy I locked him in for at least one year

fit for life

Meet Bonnie Weissman

“I have been working out with Daniel twice a week for the past seven months and the results have been great! As a 58-year old female who was out of shape and an exercise hater, Daniel converted me to fitness! He totally understands my strengths and limitations, and I am stronger and more fit than I’ve been in years! My endurance has improved dramatically too, and I’ve dropped at least one pant size. My former batwing arms are toned and my legs and core are stronger too. Daniel also makes workouts fun. Even as I’m sweating and working through ever more challenging exercises, we have lots of laughs. Plus all the exercises work out several muscle groups, so we’re not wasting time.

Daniel totally understands the needs of busy DC professional people, is thoroughly professional, completely reliable and works with my schedule. I recommend him completely, and tell all my friends about him!”


Meet Chad & Christina Sarchio

My wife and I have been training a couple times a week with Daniel for several months now, our first experience w/a trainer after years of going it alone (back when we had more time/energy and fewer kids!). What do you look for in a trainer coming to your home? We hoped Daniel would offer motivation, positivity, reliability, challenge, enthusiasm, flexibility, and creativity.

He brings all of these, every single day, and he manages our individual strengths/weaknesses seamlessly to boot. We feel more fit and stronger, continue to improve, & are considering spending more time w/Daniel to achieve even greater results. It’s hard to imagine a better trainer, or a better start to our days. If you’re ready for a fitness kickstart and some help, Dan’s The Man

daniel yakupka review

Meet Troy Vollertsen

I have been working with Daniel for over 6 years. He tailors the program to the client. In my case, he mixes different exercise regimes to keep the workouts challenging and interesting. He is very approachable and listens well to feedback to incorporate specific needs into the workouts. I always leave feeling that I have been pushed to my limits within my goals.I highly recommend as a personal trainer!!

Karen Berg

Daniel is great. He creates a new workout every time. It’s challenging and he pushes me to do all I can, but it’s still a good gradient for me. Every exercise works the whole body and there is no doubt at the end of our session that my body has had a SERIOUS work out. I’m getting stronger and looking forward to creating a fit and lean body. I highly recommend Daniel!

John Jenkins

Daniel is a true professional. An educated and experienced trainer using his methods for himself as well as his students. He creates client-relative, progressive, plus-up routines that can be self-applied and varied to maximize the end result. He constantly seeks out the newest methods and most current machines to benefit his clients. He is flexible and funny, making sessions enjoyable and productive. You can’t go wrong with Daniel!

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