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Posing The Case Of Why Yoga Is Good For More Than Just Your Mind

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Yoga tends to get a bad reputation among die-hard gym goes. Far from seeing this as a serious way to get fit, such individuals view it as a way to warm up or recover after exercise. Some don’t even give it that much time. They’re too put off by the focus on things like mind-body connections and mental wellbeing.

If you’ve discarded yoga until now, though, you’ve been doing your workouts a disservice. There’s no denying that it’s a different way to keep fit. But, once you get into the nitty-gritty of this method, you’ll soon find that it isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, if you get the right poses under your belt, you could end up working wonders for your fitness levels here.

Far from being all about sitting on a mat and making sounds, yoga is an intense exercise method. It requires insane reserves of strength. At the very least, it can help you to build stamina and muscle. The mind-body connection you’ve been scorning until now could also take you a long way towards mastering other aspects of fitness. So, whether you join a group class like those offered by fitness studios such as Sweat or go it alone, you can bet yoga will change your body for there better. To prove that, we’re going to look at three poses which can do more for your body than even heavy weights could.


fitness alringtonPlank Pose

If you want to build upper body strength, you need to try plank pose. This pose alone is a fantastic and efficient alternative to press ups. And, you can bet it has even more of an impact on your fitness. That’s because plank requires you to hold what is effectively an upward push up. The strength it takes to hold this position for a long time is insane. Even once you manage that, you can opt for variations like side plank. This is sure to see your muscles growing before your very eyes.


Revolved Triangle Pose

Most yoga revolution poses are fantastic for full-body fitness. Still, we’re going to focus on the revolved triangle pose here. That’s because this twisting pose works everything from your legs to your torso. It can also go a long way towards perfecting your balance. This pose also works wonders for your spine, and holding it for extended periods is sure to leave you feeling as good as any gym session. One thing’s sure; you’ll ache in places you never thought you could after this.


Bow Pose

As the name suggests, the bow pose will see you poised like an archer’s bow. This position, which sees you on your belly while arching up to grab your legs, does amazing things for your body. Not only will this be a fantastic workout for your legs and arms, but it’ll also help to tone up those stomach muscles. With links to also helping ease anxiety, we would say that’s far more worthwhile than your usual fitness efforts.

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