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‘How to Improve as a Runner’

By June 2, 2020 No Comments

Running is a fantastic way to boost your fitness, improve your physical health, and boost your emotional wellbeing. From the cardiovascular benefits to the release of endorphins you get; there are endless ways running can benefit you. 

Whether you’re eager to start competing, you’re training for a charity run or you simply want to beat your own personal best, take a look at these sure-fire strategies to improve as a runner:

Build your endurance

If you’re focused on timings, you may spend a lot of time practicing sprints and pushing yourself to move faster. While you’ll certainly need to be able to push forward if you want to race competitively, building your endurance is key to success as well. 

Increasing the distance you can run offers enhanced health benefits, such as modifying muscle fibers and using fat as fuel. If you’re using running as a way of losing weight or improving your fitness, focusing on your endurance is essential. By modifying your training regime to feature longer runs and upping the distance at regular intervals, you’ll be surprised at just how much you’re capable of in a relatively short space of time. 

Get the right equipment

One reason that running is so popular is because you require minimal equipment, particularly when you’re starting out. However, running is a high impact form of exercise, so it’s important to take care of yourself. Knowing when to buy new running shoes is important, for example, or you could succumb to avoidable injuries. Similarly, being properly kitted out for the weather will help to prevent heatstroke in the summer or frostbite in the winter. 

You don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment to improve as a runner, but you will need some. Visit your local running store or do some research online and you’ll find options for every runner and every budget. 

Prioritize your recovery

When you’re desperate to shave seconds off your personal best or hit your next distance marker, it’s easy to push yourself harder than you should. Although you’ll have to dig deep if you want to progress, it’s vital to listen to your body too. Without enough rest, you’ll succumb to frequent injuries. 

No-one wants to be forced to take a prolonged break from their routine due to the injury, so do everything you can to prevent it. Factoring in regular rest days and taking a long-term approach to your training goals will give you the stability and flexibility you need to work with your body, rather than against it. 

Becoming a Better Runner

The versatility of running means that it’s a great form of exercise for almost everyone. While you should always seek medical advice before beginning a new regime, running gives you the option to start at any level. Furthermore, running can be as social or solitary as you like, so there’s no pressure to perform in a certain way. Whether you’re running for fun, meeting up with friends, enjoying the solitude of running alone, or training for a competitive meet, there are always ways to hone your technique and improve your running.

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