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Everything You Need To Know About Pilates’

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Was your New Year’s resolution to do more exercise and get healthy?

Thinking of how you are going to fit in exercise as well as work, socialising and the rest of busy schedule can be challenging but taking a Pilates class is a good option for that hour or so in the evenings before dinner or first thing in the morning to improve in your flexibility along with strengthening your muscles.

Investing in quality pilates mats can transform your experience by adding extra comfort and stability throughout the session to help you from sliding. Using a mat will help to comfort and support areas such as your back and knees when doing specific movements, and they can often be used anywhere like indoors, outdoors or even in a swimming pool.


Even though it sounds like you are on the floor for most of the session, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to feel it for a day or two after. You will often feel it in your muscles when you move, and you’ll probably ache as even though it’s a low-impact session, it can improve so many areas, but it will be worth it.


Once you become a regular Pilates attendee, you can invest in optional extras like meditation mats which can give the effect of sitting on air to take you to a calming place at the end of a routine giving you support and comfort as you take a moment to yourself.

You can add a resistance band or a weighted ball to up the level of your session. Introducing this option can motivate you to work on yourself to get into a heavier weight or resistance to help gain muscles or strengthen your core and arms.

If you are struggling to maintain a comfortable position while doing Pilates then having a support pad is a quick fix by placing it underneath your body to ensure you have more padding to make it easier for you and a support pad can also come in handy for other things like sitting on the floor and assisting your back posture when sat on a hard-backed chair.

Pilates isn’t an exercise where you are going to see results overnight. If you are looking to attend two-three hours a week, then you will probably notice a change with your fitness and flexibility after around fifteen classes. Positions which you found confusing or hard to achieve will get more comfortable, and you’ll be able to take it further, with the more you do it. Pilates is also a great way to relieve any stress in the body or your mind, being able to take three or so hours out of your week for yourself and not what’s on your shopping list or when to pick the kids up next week.


If you’re looking into joining a Pilates class then introducing yourself in slowly but regularly will get you focused, flexible and fit in no time, it’s a great hobby where you can meet fellow fitness lovers where you can share tips and trick yet taking some time to yourself to focus on you.

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