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Could You Succeed As A Personal Trainer

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Are one of those people that spend a fair chunk of time at the gym each day, or that others come to for workout advice? Then it’s highlight likely that you have considered doing personal training (PT) for a living. Of course, before you embark on any new career, it’s vital that you consider whether you are well suited to it. Something that the post below can help you to decide.


Are you in your physical prime?


Now, it’s not that you have to be in your 20’s here. Instead, it all about your own level of personal fitness, something that can be maximized no matter what age you are. After all, your own body and the results you can get from it will be the strongest representation of what you can do as a PT.


Obviously, this means that even if you have all of the other qualities you need to be a successful PT, it’s well worth putting in some extra time in the gym and improving your physic. In fact, as it’s likely you will meet many potential clients at the gym, spending additional time there and showing off what you can do is never a wrong move when it comes to a career in personal training.



Can you motivate others?


You may be able to motivate yourself to get to the gym each day easily, but part of a PT’s role is to be able to do the same for a diverse range of others as well, something that may not be quite as easily.


In fact, many PTs think they have to have a single motivation style that defines them, like the Sergeant Major types, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, to be successful in this field, it’s much more important to offer flexible support and motivation tailored to the individual needs of the person you are working with at the time.


After all, some folks may respond best to being challenged or called out. However, for others, a much more gentle and encouraging approach will be needed to build confidence and a positive association to working out that will underlie any further success.  


Do you know about the human body?


Of course, as a PT, you will also have to have an excellent working knowledge not only of fitness activities but also of the human body as well. Luckily, getting formally trained can really help you with this, as well as be beneficial in convincing clients you are the best person for the job.



You will find that there are a wealth of different courses you can take too, the best of which are discussed in this post on how to become a personal trainer online. Something well worth taking a peek at if you are considering following the PT career path.


Do you stay up to date with all the latest fitness trends and information?


Next, don’t forget that the latest advice and information about fitness and exercise is always changing. What this means is to be a successful PT you really need to keep on top of this. Luckily, ¬†this isn’t as difficult as it sounds because there are actually a lot of print publications, as well as online information that is dedicated solely to this topic.

Of course, you will need to be careful when it comes to the sources that use to keep up to date, especially if you get your information online. The reason being that much of this info can be recycled or even warped from other places making it not wholly accurate. Additionally, the science behind many of these studies may not be robust, and that is why it’s crucial to use only the most trusted sources with valid evidence that can be used to back them up.

Can you rock the business side of things as well as the fitness side?

Finally, when it comes to succeeding as a personal trainer, you will need to be good at more than working out at the gym. In fact, you will need to be totally on top of the business side of things a well.


What this means is that you need to understand how to market your business and get as many high-level clients as possible. You will also need to be able to keep yourself organized and ensure you are on time for all your appointments, and you will need to know how to register and file a tax return if you are self-employed. After all, you absolutely cannot be successful in the PT business, if you don’t have a good grasp of the business as well as the fitness side of things.


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