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7 Ways to Stay Healthy Even When You Are Crazy Busy

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We all know that health and fitness should be a priority, but people live insanely hectic lives in this day and age. Between working, shuffling the kids to activities, and getting things done around the house, there just doesn’t seem to be much time left for yourself. That’s why it’s important to find ways to fit health and fitness into your schedule rather than trying to rearrange your schedule to include staying fit.

Multitask Your Workouts

Instead of finding tasks to cut out of your life, try adding a few more in. You are probably a master multitasker anyway, right? Adding a few small workouts to the mix shouldn’t be too difficult. For example, use a headset. Decide that any time you make a phone call, you will get up and move your body—either by walking around the office or doing some stretches.

Drink Only Water

Lots of health advice changes over the year, but one bit of advice remains the same: water is essential. It clears the skin, fuels the muscles, boosts productivity, and gives you a whole slew of other benefits you probably never even thought of. And this is a health choice that doesn’t take any of your time. Simply choose water instead of any other drink. Take a large cup to work and keep it filled with water all day.

Snag a Workout Buddy

According to a study done by the University of Aberdeen, finding a new exercise buddy increases the amount of exercise most people do. There are probably a few reasons for that. For one thing, it can help take your mind off an unenjoyable workout since you are chatting it up with a friend. It can also help keep you accountable if you agree to meet on certain days and times every week. And your workout doesn’t have to be intense. Just find someone in the office who is willing to take a 10-minute walk with you at lunch.

Always Add Music

Scientific American says that adding music to your workout distracts you from fatigue, lifts your mood, and increases your performance. So, always keep your iPhone loaded up with your favorite upbeat tunes. You’ll be more likely to take a walk around the building on your break if you listen to a couple of your favorite songs at the same time.

Watch TV Actively

Recent studies show that “prolonged TV viewing is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death.” And the reason for this is simple. Americans spend an average of five hours a day vegging out on the couch watching television, with zero movement. Combat this by adding activity. Even if you only spend an hour or two a day in front of the tube, think of how much activity you could get in if you decided to walk in place during commercials.

Keep Your Diet Simple

According to registered dietitian, Jessica Jones, one of the best ways for busy people to eat healthy is to only use recipes with five to 10 ingredients max. Find simple recipes that are easy to make with ingredients that are easy to find. We also suggest finding recipes that use a lot of the same ingredients so that you always know what to pick up at the store. If you keep it simple, you’re more likely to eat at home, which means fewer calories and less money.

Mix It Up

Don’t let yourself get bored with your workouts. If you find yourself dreading them, try something new such as yoga, swimming, or even meditation. Not only are these alternative activities healthy for the body, they are also extremely helpful for the mind. In fact, they have been shown to help with things like addiction recovery. This is because these activities allow you to focus your mind and can relieve stress and anxiety, both of which are triggers for relapse in many individuals who are in recovery.

There’s no doubt about it—life gets hectic, and it’s not always easy to plan ahead and make healthy choices. But with a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle, it is totally doable. The main thing is to make your health a priority no matter how busy you get.

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When I Am Ready To Hire a Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Trainer in Alexandria,Arlington,Fairfax & Washington DC

When I Am Ready To Hire a Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Trainer in Alexandria,Arlington,Fairfax & Washington DC

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For some people, admitting they need professional help isn’t easy. However, every self-help book or guru will tell you about the power and advantage of having a coach or mentor.
So how do you know when it’s time to seek the help of an in home professional personal trainer? If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, feel free to reach out to us and discuss how partnering together can completely transform your life.

You Have a Long History of Inconsistency:  
You start a workout regimen for a few weeks and then stop or start a diet but quit it by the end of the day. According to Consumer Reports, only 7% of people will exercise on their own for a year without giving up.

Lack of Knowledge of Exercise and Nutrition:

  • Unsure of proper form when it comes to exercise
  • Know everything about diets; have read a million books and been on every diet but fall short when it comes to the implementation and follow through
  • Think you know all there is to know but it’s all based on false information, trends, fads, or shortcuts.


You’re Trying to Prevent or Combat Health Issues:

You may currently have or have a family history of Hypertension, Diabetes, or other Hypo-kinetic diseases. According to an article by Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times, “having unhealthy cholesterol numbers, elevated blood pressure or an expanding waistline substantially increases your chances of developing heart disease. But an encouraging new study finds that exercise may slash that risk…”

  1. You Have Problems with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs): For example: playing with your kids tires you out immediately, you struggle with traveling, or walking through the mall. If you’ve ever broken out in a sweat from taking a flight of stairs, then it’s time to rethink your exercise routine.
  2. You Want to Save Time and Money: Trying to figure it out on your own can be inefficient and time consuming. Hiring a trainer can be a shortcut to success. Forget trial and error, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.
  3. You Want to Create an Edge in your Life: Hiring a professional personal trainer can make you a more organized person who becomes accountable for their decisions. As one of our clients said, “Daniel was able to help us establish realistic, measurable, and challenging goals for our individual fitness levels. And as we are meeting those goals, he is encouraging us to set new and more challenging goals.”
If you feel that one or more of these scenarios describes you, then don’t wait, and reach out to us today!
Working with an professional personal trainer in Alexandria,Arlington,Fairfax and Washington DC will be your best decision investing in your health and the future of the quality of your life.
By: Daniel Yakupka
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What to Expect From Your First Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Training Session

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1. Instead of simply “working you out” we will take the opportunity to teach you how to properly perform each exercise. We will also teach you the purpose of each exercise, the benefits, what muscles are being worked, and the common mistakes people make. We give you the tools you need to develop healthy habits for a lifetime.


2. You will complete your first session feeling significantly more confident and knowledgeable.

Many rookie trainers out there want to show you how sore they can make you the first session. They believe that soreness translates to how good of a trainer they are. This is not only untrue, it is unfair to you. You are capable of more than you think, but you don’t have to wake up the next day feeling strained to know you accomplished something. During your first session with us we are focused on learning about you: your current fitness level, your strengths, and your deficiencies. This way we can accurately tailor our workout program to your specific fitness level.


3. We will get to know each other.

Our clients aren’t just clients.They are a part of the Fit for Life Fitness family.

Undoing years, even decades, of unhealthy habits is not easy and can be virtually impossible for most people to do alone. However, we have found that with our client-coach relationship, anything is possible. Most professional trainers can put their clients through an effective exercise routine. Our clients want and need more than that. They want a coach, a mentor. They want someone to learn what’s important to them, their goals, and also their pain-points. They want a coach that knows exactly how to reach their heart and effectively motivate them in order to facilitate lasting behavioral change.


4. We will discuss the game plan.

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is keeping on track with your fitness and nutrition goals. We see most clients 2-3 times a week, so for the time in between sessions, we develop a game plan to ensure that our clients can easily maintain their goals and not fall off track. We will develop a fitness and nutrition action plan and check in points. This way you are on track every day of the week!

Ready to take control of your health and fitness?

Partner with us to get expert coaching, support and accountability in Alexandria,Arlington,Fairfax Counties and Washington DC.