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Boosting Your Energy Levels Through Your Diet

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When it comes down to it, what you put into your body is your fuel. You want to put the best fuel in to get the most from it. If you’re not putting the right foods into your body, you may experience a lack of energy which could leave you feeling listless, heavy and tired. Sure, some people naturally have higher energy levels than others. But you can increase your energy levels to some degree with a well thought out diet. Here are a few different foods you should try incorporating into your diet!



Let’s start by saying that sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate every one of the following foods into your diet. If this is the case and you find you’re lacking anything you need, supplements could be a good addition to top up levels where they’re running low. You can find more information on this over at




Grains are the ultimate form of slow release energy. These foods are rich in carbohydrates, which your body can gradually convert into energy throughout the day. The type of energy you get from grains is slow release and long lasting, which makes grains the perfect breakfast food. It can reduce snacking and keep you going until lunch! Some different examples of grains include oats, brown rice and – for a snack – popcorn. So you can work them into any meal!




We all know that fruit should form a part of any healthy diet. They supply your five a day and they also provide you with some healthy dietary fibre. But there’s also a reason that people tend to pack a piece of fruit in their gym bags and why football players are often seen having an orange at half time. The natural sugars present in fruit can give you a quick burst of energy as and when you need it. Just make sure to brush your teeth after, as the sugars can damage them.




Vegetables are another foodstuff that you should be incorporating into a health diet anyway, also contributing to your five a day. Vegetables like sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, dark leafy greens like spinach can give you a Popeye style boost and other carbohydrate-dense veggies like beetroot are great too!


Beans and Legumes


If you’re vegetarian or vegan, chances are you incorporate plenty of beans and legumes into your diet already. But these are a great source of energy for anyone! They serve as a great side dish to many meals and are packed with carbohydrates which will help you to power throughout the day. Options such as lentils are particularly cheap and easily accessible.


These are just a few suggestions. There are other less healthy options out there that can pick you up (coffee or energy drinks for example), but the options outlined above tend to be a whole lot better for you and your body. Try them out and feel the difference!

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