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Top 3 Fitness Tips

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Looking to get fit in 2020? Here are some top tips…


Reach your goals quickly with a personal trainer

Are you fed up of feeling unfit and unmotivated? Do you want to get a bikini body in time for summer? Are you planning on running the marathon this year? Whatever your reason for getting in shape is, a personal trainer can help you reach your desired fitness goals as soon as possible.


We know what it’s like; you go to the gym or a training class for a week or two and you feel uninspired because you don’t notice any immediate results. The reason why you feel this way is likely to do with the fact that you aren’t doing exercises specifically suited to you. Too many people are wasting their time doing exercises that are largely ineffective in relation to their fitness goals.


For those of you who currently have a personal trainer or have had one in the past, ask yourself whether the trainer took the time to get to know you properly? Did they discover if you have any health concerns? Did they ask you what your daily routine is like? Did they learn about what you tend to eat on a typical day? Did they ask you if you are someone who easily feels unmotivated? Most companies do not take the time and effort to get to know their clients and this is why they don’t achieve their desired results. This is also why you need to choose a personal trainer with a great amount of care.


Not only can your personal trainer instruct you on achieving your health goals, but they can help you during your period of isolation. Perhaps you’re going to create a home gym? From getting the right gym cable if you need a gym cable for different types of equipment to choosing the most effective equipment, they can assist with this.


Consider pre-workout supplements

Pre-training supplements are perfect for individuals who would like to get the most out of their time at the gym. But, with the number of products out there, it can be challenging to determine what the best supplements for the gym are. With that in mind, continue reading to learn more about the some of the top pre-exercise supplements.


To start with, we have Arnold Series Iron Pump. If muscle building and performance gains are the main priority for you, this is a great option. You’ll get a solid pump due to the blend of arginine-free pump matrixes and cutting edge nitric oxide promoting pathways.


Next on the list is LA Muscle Testorone, which is perfect for those who find themselves seeking natural supplements since it is herbal-based. It’s manufactured to organically boost testosterone levels to enhance muscle protein power and synthesis while also enhancing motivation.


Another great pre-exercise supplement is Musclephram Assault, with every serving made up of ION-3 Nitrate Technology nutrients and patented Carnosyn Beta-Alanine. One of the best aspects of this supplement is that it’s suitable for a wide selection of sports athletes because it provides support for stamina, power, muscle mass and total training ability.


Another one of the most well-liked gym supplements is Grenade 50 Calibre. This product is made up of over 20 ingredients that have been university examined and are found in an array of flavours, like berry, lemon, and cola. Last of all, Muscle Meds No Bull is another pre-exercise routine formula worthy of considering. It blends ergogenic compounds, anabolic compounds and nitric oxide for supreme overall performance.


Get involved in a team sport, like cricket

Cricket is good for the mind and body. To get started, you’ll need to get yourself a good quality cricket bat! When people start to play cricket for the first time one of the biggest mistakes they make is not arming themselves with a quality bat. A lot of people have the tendency to assume that it does not matter what cricket bat you purchase – they are all the same. However, this is definitely not the case. If you browse the web you will see that you have a truly monumental number of options at your disposal and this choice is there for a reason. If you do not choose your cricket bat with the care you will never reach your true potential, as your bat will constantly be holding you back. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover all you need to know about how your choice of cricket bats can make or break your performance…


First and foremost, one of the biggest errors is purchasing a bat that is made from Kashmir willow. Perhaps this is an ok choice if you merely want to try cricket for the first time and see whether it is something you are interested in. However, if you want to continue to play the sport you definitely need to upgrade your bat. Because of the growing conditions, Kashmir contains too much moisture and thus the quality of the bat is poor. Thus, it is of no surprise that 90 per cent of willow for cricket bats is made in Suffolk or Essex. If you do not want your game to be hindered you should definitely opt for English willow, as this will improve your performance and ensure you are able to find that all-important sweet spot when you are striking the ball.


Aside from this, when playing cricket it is imperative to be entirely comfortable with the bat you use, if you are to reach your full potential. One of the biggest blunders people make in relation to this is failing to purchase the right sized cricket bat for them. Again, many individuals assume that all cricket bats are the same size. However, you have many different options to choose from, and it is important to find a bat that is ideal for you. In general your main decision will be whether to go for a short-handled bat or a long handled bat. Most individuals only tend to go for the latter option if they are taller than 6 ft. 3 inches.


Last but not least, the weight of the bat you select has a massive impact on your performance as well. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the weight you should select. It is all about finding the right balance and what works for you. Nonetheless, think about the affects that are going to occur if you select a weight that is not ideal. Firstly, if you go for a bat that feels too heavy, you are going to struggle to swing it with ease and this will negatively impact your game. On the other hand, if you opt for a bat that is too light, you are going to find it extremely difficult to generate the power necessary when striking the ball.


Take The Plunge: How To Get Into Exercise

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Many people want to be fitter and healthier, but they’re scared or anxious about taking the first step. If you’re eager to embrace a more active lifestyle and you’re wondering how to get started, here are some tips to help you take the plunge.

Look for beginner’s classes

There are few things more daunting for a novice than walking into a gym full of people pumping iron or sauntering into a spin class full of seasoned pros. If you’re new to training, start slowly and look for beginner’s classes and training sessions that are geared towards those just starting out. You’ll learn to master basic moves and techniques, you’ll build your strength and fitness gradually, and you can also meet new people. If the idea of showing up at a sports center, a gym or a community hall is daunting, why not get a friend or neighbor involved too?


Don’t let a lack of confidence set you back

Sometimes, we build up an image in our heads that is difficult to shake off. If you’re a fan of movies, TV shows and Instragam, you might envisage the gym as a place that is packed to the rafters with people who resemble fitness models. While many people who work out frequently are in good shape, everyone has to start somewhere, and social media and the silver screen only portray a snapshot of real life. A lack of confidence can be a major barrier for those who want to make changes to their lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to set you back. Take a friend with you, choose a group setting or a one-to-one program that makes you feel comfortable, and take a look at sites like to get inspiration for stylish workout gear that won’t leave you feeling exposed. Most people start out with low levels of confidence, but working out regularly can have a really positive impact on your physical health, as well as your mental wellbeing.


Work towards achievable goals

Goal setting can be great for increasing motivation and encouraging effort, but if you set unrealistic targets, it can be counter-productive. There’s no point in putting a huge amount of pressure on yourself to lose 50 pounds or complete a marathon if you’ve never exercised before, or it has been a long time since you worked out properly. Start small and move the goalposts as you become fitter and more confident. If you enjoy running, move from a 5k race to a 10k race before you start thinking about a half-marathon or a charity endurance event. Celebrate the milestones, and don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a bit longer to realize your goals than you hoped. As long as you’re moving in the right direction, you’ll get there. Take a look at this article for more advice on setting fitness goals


Signing up for that first dance class, visiting the swimming pool for the first time in years or booking a personal training session can be daunting prospects, but exercise can change your life. If you’re ready to be more active, hopefully, this guide has motivated you to take the plunge today!

Everything You Need To Know About Pilates’

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Was your New Year’s resolution to do more exercise and get healthy?

Thinking of how you are going to fit in exercise as well as work, socialising and the rest of busy schedule can be challenging but taking a Pilates class is a good option for that hour or so in the evenings before dinner or first thing in the morning to improve in your flexibility along with strengthening your muscles.

Investing in quality pilates mats can transform your experience by adding extra comfort and stability throughout the session to help you from sliding. Using a mat will help to comfort and support areas such as your back and knees when doing specific movements, and they can often be used anywhere like indoors, outdoors or even in a swimming pool.


Even though it sounds like you are on the floor for most of the session, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to feel it for a day or two after. You will often feel it in your muscles when you move, and you’ll probably ache as even though it’s a low-impact session, it can improve so many areas, but it will be worth it.


Once you become a regular Pilates attendee, you can invest in optional extras like meditation mats which can give the effect of sitting on air to take you to a calming place at the end of a routine giving you support and comfort as you take a moment to yourself.

You can add a resistance band or a weighted ball to up the level of your session. Introducing this option can motivate you to work on yourself to get into a heavier weight or resistance to help gain muscles or strengthen your core and arms.

If you are struggling to maintain a comfortable position while doing Pilates then having a support pad is a quick fix by placing it underneath your body to ensure you have more padding to make it easier for you and a support pad can also come in handy for other things like sitting on the floor and assisting your back posture when sat on a hard-backed chair.

Pilates isn’t an exercise where you are going to see results overnight. If you are looking to attend two-three hours a week, then you will probably notice a change with your fitness and flexibility after around fifteen classes. Positions which you found confusing or hard to achieve will get more comfortable, and you’ll be able to take it further, with the more you do it. Pilates is also a great way to relieve any stress in the body or your mind, being able to take three or so hours out of your week for yourself and not what’s on your shopping list or when to pick the kids up next week.


If you’re looking into joining a Pilates class then introducing yourself in slowly but regularly will get you focused, flexible and fit in no time, it’s a great hobby where you can meet fellow fitness lovers where you can share tips and trick yet taking some time to yourself to focus on you.

Crazy Fun Ways To Fit In 30 Minutes Of Exercise Every Day!

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According to science, it’s essential to exercise for at least thirty minutes each day. Let’s face it – sometimes it’s tempting to question the nerds in labs testing this stuff. That’s how little motivation you have to work out regularly! Still, most people understand that sitting on the sofa watching Netflix isn’t an acceptable long-term plan. What you need is to add energy and excitement to your exercise routine. More than that, you’ve got to enjoy the idea of burning calories so that you rinse and repeat rain, wind, or shine.

To help, you’ll find a selection of crazily fun ways to get your blood pumping for 1,800 seconds per day underneath.

A Dance Party

How often do you spontaneously break into dance? How many times have you been on a dancefloor with your friends and not wanted to go home? Okay, so this isn’t Footloose and you’re not Kevin Bacon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t quickstep to your favorite tunes when the moment grabs you. For a start, dance classes are everywhere, including your local gym or dance studio. Secondly, you can dancercise at home if you prefer. Get your friends and organize a party. All anybody has to bring is a playlist packed with jammin’ beats!


Dog Walking

Okay, so you don’t want to do it for other people, and it’s not at the top of the list of potential career choices. Regardless, if you’ve got a pooch, he or she might be your answer to your exercise problems. After all, canines need walking at least once per day, but there’s nothing wrong with going twice. And, because it’s not strenuous, and you’re responsible, it’s an easy routine to maintain. Finally, there is a fun element when you include a ball or Frisbee. That’s three things in one, which means you might not want to stop after thirty minutes.


Date Night

Unless you’re going to Netflix and Chill euphemistically, date night can be quite sedentary. While it’s good for your relationship, sitting down all night isn’t active. Even worse, there are so many other ways to enjoy an evening with the love of your life rather than bingeing shows you don’t like! Bowling is a cliche example, but it still involves working arm and legs muscles while working out aerobically. Or, you can take it to the next level by booking a paintballing session. The fantastic thing about all of these activities is that they are fun and will bring you closer together as a couple.

Bike Riding


Lycra-clad cyclists don’t have a monopoly on bike rides. Whereas they like to cycle for hundreds of miles and then participate in a sprint finish, your journey can be more leisurely. Going for a gentle cycle around the park or on beginner routes are two excellent ways to keep the heart pumping and find inner peace. The calorie-burning thing tends to take precedent where fitness is concerned, yet you should never forget your mental health.


Relieving stress and being at one are both as important, if not more so than running a 10k under one hour

‘7 Ways To Improve Your Overall Fitness’

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If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness but you’re unsure where to begin then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to increase your current exercise routine or you have never exercised before, you need to be sure you’re doing what is best for you. Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can do exactly that. From setting yourself goals and targets to joining the gym, the more you’re doing to improve your fitness the better. With that in mind,
here are 5 ways to improve your overall fitness:


– Set Yourself Goals And Targets


One of the best ways to improve your overall fitness is to set yourself goals and targets that you want to acheive. Although they don’t have to be huge, having goals in place is a great way to stay motivated. From bench pressing a certain amount to running a 5k in under 30-minutes, your targets can be whatever you want them to be.


When you are setting targets, make sure you’re setting something that is achievable. Each time you reach your goal, you can set the next target. If you want to have a couple of long-term goals that you’re working towards, they’re also a great way to motivate yourself. For tips and tricks when it comes to setting fitness goals, you can visit this site here.


– Consider Joining A Gym


A great way to ensure you’re getting the exercise that you need is to join a gym, as this will give you all of the tools you need to build up the perfect fitness routine. Although it can be hard to motivate yourself to join the gym, having a place filled with lots of incredible equipment to use is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. Whether that means going once a week or once a day, you may be surprised how much difference going to the gym can make.


– Exercise With A Buddy


If you’re looking for a little bit of extra motivation, you may want to consider exercising with a buddy. From going for a run together to joining the same gym, having someone else to hold you accountable for your exercise routine can be extremely beneficial. For more incredible reasons to exercise with a buddy, you can visit this site here.


– Find Out What You Love


Another great way to improve your overall fitness is to find out what you love. If you don’t enjoy the exercises you’re doing, chances are you’re not going to want to do them. Although it may take some time to find out what you truly love, you’ll be incredibly grateful when you do find it. For tips and tricks when it comes to fitness, you can visit this site here:


– Invest In High-Quality Sportswear


If you don’t have the right clothes for working out, you’re less likely to want to commit to a routine. Whether they don’t fit you properly or they’re uncomfortable, you need to ensure you’re wearing high-quality sportswear whenever you’re working out. Whilst it can be hard to find, having the right sportswear will make all of the difference.


When it comes to finding comfortable and high-quality sportswear, you need to be sure you’re:


  • Considering the overall cost
  • Thinking about which brands suit you best
  • Taking the time to try things on in-store
  • Reading reviews online before you purchase
  • Asking fitness influences for advice or recommendations


– Make It Part Of Your Routine


If you make working out part of your daily routine, it’s going to be much easier to stay motivated. Whether it’s something you do when you wake up or when you’re on your way home from work, the more often you do it the more you’ll get used to it. You need to ensure it doesn’t feel like a chore.


– Think About Your Diet


Finally, you need to think about whether or not your diet supports your new fitness routine. You could have an incredible routine when it comes to fitness but when it comes to your diet, it could be ruining all of the progress you have already made. Although you don’t need to stick to a strict calorie-controlled diet, you should definitely think about what you’re eating and when.


Are you looking for ways to improve your overall fitness? What can you do to ensure you’re getting fitter each and every day? Did we miss anything off the list? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

‘Dieting Myths Debunked’

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There’s a lot of false information out there when it comes to dieting. Knowing the truth can prevent you wasting your time on useless tactics (and in some cases it could prevent you from following unhealthy advice). Below are just a few common dieting myths debunked.

Carbs make you fat

Carbs are not the enemy. They’re important for providing the body with energy. It just so happens that many high carb foods are also high in fat.

Low-carb diets such as the keto diet claim that you can lose weight by starving yourself of carbs – this forces the body to burn fat as an alternative way to produce energy. While this can work, it is not the healthiest way to lose weight. Starving yourself of any nutrient puts stress on your body, which in turn could leave you with high blood pressure and general fatigue.

Cutting out fat will make you healthy

Fat is not the enemy either. The body needs fat to produce hormones, support cell growth, protect organs and keep the body warm.

That said, not all fat is healthy. Trans fats are a processed form of fat that the body finds much harder to shift – you can find them in foods like cakes, burgers and pizzas. Cutting down on processed foods and eating more organic foods can reduce your intake of trans fats. There are many sites containing natural food articles that can help you to reduce your intake of processed foods. The key is to think fresh – fresh chicken is going to contain much healthier fats than a chicken nugget.

Snacking is bad

There’s also a belief that snacking between meals can encourage weight gain. However, the opposite can be true – snacking can suppress the appetite.

It all comes down to what kind of snacks you’re eating. Cookies are not a healthy snack, but an apple is. There are lots of guides to healthy snacks that you can look up online.

Eating after 7pm will make you gain weight

The time you eat at doesn’t affect your ability to gain weight. There is a link between late eating and weight gain, but it’s generally because people that eat later eat more. Late night snacks also tend to be unhealthy.

In other words, there’s nothing to stop your eating dinner at 8pm followed by some snacks at 10pm, providing it’s all healthy and well-portioned.

Some foods can help you lose weight

There are indeed negative calorie foods out there such as celery – you’ll use up more calories digesting these foods than you will get out of them. While these foods can be good for satisfying your appetite when hungry, they won’t directly cause you to lose weight. The calories burnt from digesting celery is minimal. This means that you can’t eat a burger followed by some celery in hope of burning the burger off.

Coffee can make you fat

Coffee alone will not make you fat. In fact, coffee can boost metabolism and improve appetite control, helping you to lose weight.

The types of coffees that can cause you to gain weight are the likes of which you may order in Starbucks – those that contain lots of milk, cream or sugar-heavy syrups. Drinking lots of coffee throughout the day can also affect your sleep quality, which can cause some people to gain weight (one or two coffees per day is unlikely to cause this).


4 Ways To Make Sure You Reach Your Fitness Goals ‘

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When it comes to working out, getting the physique you want, and reaching the fitness goals you crave, it can be somewhat of a struggle – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! Even for the seasoned veterans of the fitness world, the plateau is inevitable. You can turn up to a gym, or exercise at home every now and again, but if you’re not getting multiple aspects right, then your progress won’t be as successful as you’d like.


Fortunately, nailing the fitness game isn’t as hard as perhaps you might think initially. It takes a little work, and some commitment, but it’s not exactly rocket science. Want to know how you can reach the fitness goals you desire? Well, have a little read of the following points; perhaps they’ll be able to provide the foundation you sorely need.


Don’t Make It A Chore


If you’re not into sports and this kind of thing, then that’s fair enough – you can’t force somebody to be passionate about something. If you are, indeed, not a fitness fanatic, then enter a gym or exercising can feel like a chore that needs to be handled swiftly. Don’t be like that. Focus on enjoying some of the workouts. Try to achieve certain goals. Enjoy the journey of transforming your body. If you like what you’re doing, then you’re only going to feel better about the situation, and you’re going to be more productive.


Drink Lots Of Water And Eat Properly!


Doing the hard yards and sweating your backside off is pretty important if you want to boost your performance, obviously. A huge part of the progress and success, however, is from the stuff you put into your body. If you’re working your butt off in a gym, but then head home to eat junk food for the next few days, a lot of that hard work then goes to waste. You don’t need to treat every meal seriously, but it would help if you did a little research and showed a little restraint.


Use Supplements To Aid You


Supplements have become very popular over the past couple of decades – and with good reason: they help a lot. Their job is to quite literally supplement your diet, and give you a little boost in the right direction. For instance, if you’re looking to build muscle, you need a fair bit of protein during the week. You could hop onto sites like big dog sports nutrition, grab yourself some protein powder, and input a bunch of extra muscle building element into your body! There are also products that boost your performance, so if you need that extra kick, this kind of thing might suit you!


Work With A Personal Trainer

Doing things by yourself is fine if you know your body, and if you know exactly what to do. If you’re a newbie, however, then you might want to train with a personal trainer or with a friend. If you can get a few tips from an intermediate or advanced person, then that’s only going to help you out going forward. A personal trainer or a friend can also act as a motivator.

‘How Your Diet Can Work Harder To Support Your Training Goals’

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Wherever you are on your fitness journey – whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or just looking to get into weightlifting for the first time, enjoying a regular workout routine,
coming back from an injury or trying to get into fitness- there are certain factors which will determine your success or failure. Undoubtedly, the biggest one is your mental preparation. Our minds have enormous power of our bodies, and whether we succeed or fail in our fitness goals has a lot to do with state of mind. It’s very important to approach your health holistically. This means not just focusing on one specific workout routine and expecting it to change everything, but rather looking at all the elements of your life and figuring out how to get them working in harmony to support your health. Diet, exercise and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked, and trying to address one while ignoring the others is either going to result in very limited success or in failure. Begin to see your health as the sum total of all of these things, however, and you set yourself up for success. Sometimes it can be that an interest in fitness or dedicated to a certain sport leads people into nutrition as a way to enhance performance, support recovery and ensure they are in the best possible condition. But even if you’re completely new to living a more conscious life after a health scare or are just trying to make the most of your body, pairing up your workout regime with nutritional support will get you to where you need to be much faster.


Help To Hydrate


It’s one of the most basic building blocks, but research shows that a huge percentage of adults are chronically dehydrated. Our bodies are composed of almost two thirds water, so when our hydration intake isn’t what it needs to be, there are a huge range of negative side effects, from loss of concentration to dizziness and increased appetite. Upping your water consumption is easy, so it’s a great place to start with making small improvements to your overall health. Purchasing a reusable stainless steel water bottle means that you can always carry a drink and stay hydrated on the go, plus it’s kinder to the planet and protects your body from the harmful BPA chemicals found in plastic single use water bottles. If you forget to drink, using a hydration app which reminds you to drink more water on a timer is a good way to kick-start the habit. If you struggle with plain water, add flavour without calories by looking for an infuser water bottle where you can add fresh fruit in to flavour – orange, mint and cucumber is a delicious combination – or look for the cold water infusion teas now becoming popular. Water keeps the nutrients moving through our cells for processing and absorption – this is critical to supporting your body throughout a gruelling workout, and is also key for keeping your connective tissues hydrated. You can also opt for herbal teas or sparkling water with lemon.


Up Your Protein


Protein is the main macronutrient for muscle health, so it’s important to make sure that your food intake includes plenty of high-quality, organic lean protein to aid muscle growth and recovery. Protein is also instrumental in helping the body to produce various hormones and enzymes that regulate our appetites, energy production and muscle growth. In fact, there’s a growing trend to follow diets which advocate increased protein, such as the carnivore diet. But meat isn’t the only way to up your protein intake – soy, seafood beans and dairy products also provide protein, alongside some nuts.Even our favourite breakfast cereals and sweets are now coming in high-protein versions – although it’s always a better option to go for non-processed foods in the first instance.


Don’t Fall Foul Of Fats


Many of us hear the word ‘fats’ and instantly think it’s something we need to rid from our diets, but actually, it’s very important to include ‘healthy fats’ as part of your eating plan. These are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and they help to protect your organs, encourage cell growth give your body vital energy. You just need to make sure you’re including fats from the right sources, such as olive oils, avocados, tuna and salmon and seeds and nuts. Dietary supplements can also be a useful boost to your intake. Although you shouldn’t rely on pills and powders for all your nutrients, than can help to enhance an already good diet.

Why Getting Fit Is Easier With A Personal Trainer

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 When our smartphones are hooked to a dozen of different social media platforms, following health and fitness influencers who publish a new workout move every week, it’s difficult to figure out why some of us fail to get fit. However, if you’ve been trying to encourage yourself to tackle your back-in-shape journey by using social media influencers as an inspiration, you need to be realistic about the situation. Indeed, influencers are nothing more than users whose social media posts are popular. However, there is no guarantee that they’ve risen to fame as a result of their expert knowledge in sports and fitness, for instance. In fact, 9 out of 10 social media influencers unwillingly shares unhealthy advice, both in terms of diet and workout. In other words, if you’ve been relying on their posts to progress through your fitness journey, you needn’t be surprised not to have recorded any significant improvement. Additionally, another common issue of social media during your fitness journey is that it doesn’t replace genuine and personal support. Of course, you should feel free to post about your progress and let everybody know how you’re doing. But, you need to think twice before following social media fitness fits. You’d be surprised to know that a lot of photos, including fitness shots, are filtered, photoshopped and edited to show only what the influencer wants you to see. In short, don’t be tempted to follow their fitness plan because it promises to give great muscle definition. The abs on the photo may not be real! If you’re looking for knowledgeable and safe support throughout your fitness journey to help you achieve your goals and improve your health, Instagram is not the answer. A Personal trainer is the secret weapon you need.


A PT creates a welcoming environment for you

Your fitness journey is a labor of love. As approach the journey for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Indeed, you are, at the beginning of your adventure, at your weakest. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the gym again after an injury or signing up for the first time in your life; every beginning is unique. Unfortunately, when you are alone to tackle the challenges, you can’t stop yourself from comparing with other gym-goers or other bodies on social media. They’re stronger, fitter, more knowledgeable about the gym. There is no denying that they are, indeed, further into their fitness journey than you are. As such, the comparison is unfair and can only make you feel inadequate. If there’s one thing you can learn from the Smart Bodies Fitness Training Center success stories, it’s that everybody needs a personal trainer to feel welcome from Day One. Your personal trainer acts like a friend who introduces you to the workout you need and who makes sure you never feel lost and alone in this new environment.


A PT helps you to recover from an injury

Going back to sports after an injury can be tricky. Indeed, an injury forces your body in a stand-by position. You need to recover before you can head back to your workouts. During this time, a personal trainer is essential to show you not only how to train safely but also how to regain strength. Indeed, your body is weakened by the recovery period. When you can’t train for an extended period of time, you can lose muscle mass, flexibility, stability, and endurance. There’s no denying that your first post-injury workout needs to be adapted to your current physical agility. Your PT develops a custom program to help you to rebuild your strength gradually and safely.


A PT makes you accountable

Everybody has good days when you are eager to hit the gym, and bad days when all you want to hit is the snooze button. Working out on your own makes it more challenging to make yourself accountable for your bad days. We also find an excuse to justify skipping the gym or having a slice of yummy cake. It’s okay, you tell you, I’ll work out tomorrow. And then tomorrow becomes next week, next month, and before you know it, you’re back to where you started. A personal trainer, however, removes all your lousy excuses. Your PT gives you a lesson in accountability. He’s the one who tracks your performance and follows your efforts. More importantly, he’s the one who’s going to notice if you skip training. You answer to your PT until you find the discipline to shut down your lazy self!


A PT keeps you motivated

You’re doing great.

Don’t give up; you’re nearly there!

You’re stronger than you think.


Let’s be honest. At the beginning of your fitness journey, you’re not going to be able to find anything positive to say about your performance. But your personal trainer is there to pace you and encourage you. More importantly, if there’s someone who can embrace all your insecurities as this heart-felt Medium article shows, it’s your trainer. Indeed, a good trainer understands when to push you and when to stop, and, more to the point, intuitively knows how to give you the mental strength to stick to your goals. Motivation doesn’t appear out of thin air. It demands dedication, especially when you have to work hard to see results.


A PT knows all the tricks in the box

All you need is to invest in a yummy protein shake, and you’re ready to get back in shape, right?

Wrong. A lot of protein supplements contain high calories and sugar, which may not help you to achieve your goal. When you need to refuel your energy without canceling your workout efforts, your personal trainer is the first person to talk to. Countless trainers are also trained to provide nutrition advice, which means that they know how to replenish the muscles and the soul. From choosing your protein wisely to knowing when and how to indulge, listen to your PT’s tips to get in shape without depriving yourself.



In conclusion, a personal trainer is the light that guides you through the darkness until you can reach your fitness goal. Finding someone you can trust is crucial. Your PT is more than a workout expert. It’s a friend, a confidant, a motivator, and an inspiration.


How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Following Injury

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The funny thing about life is that you never know what is around the next corner. Accidents happen to the best of us, and they can knock the wind out of our sails. But fear not, there is always support to help you when you need it the most, and you should not feel bad about asking for it.


The support you need following an accident can come from many different quarters.  From doctors, surgeons, and physiotherapists right through to a personal injury attorney who will help you get the compensation you may need to help cover your living expenses when injured.


A personal trainer can also be a great help when it comes to rehabilitation following an accident. If you have been off your feet and recovering for some time, your physical health will have almost certainly deteriorated. The longer your recovery time, the more work there will be to get you back up to full health.


Regaining Strength


Your body will have lost a great deal of muscle density during your recovery; this will be particularly true if you have an injury that has impaired your ability to move around easily.


One of the first steps a personal trainer will take is adjusting your diet to take in all of the additional protein that you will need to help rebuild your strength . Offering you advice on the types of foods that you should be eating to aid your recovery and improve your general health following your injury is important. If you aren’t getting the right nutrients, it will leave you feeling as though you lack energy.


Creating A Plan


Your trainer will talk you through an exercise routine that will be helpful to your specific injury. You will need to build up your levels of exercise at first. With all of the determination in the world, if you go from doing no exercise at all, to suddenly doing lots you are going to burn out very quickly. Overdoing it early on could do you damage and set your progress back too. You may also have higher expectations of your fitness levels based on what they were before the injury. However, this is unlikely to match reality. You will hit a brick wall of motivation if you feel you cannot obtain your goals.


With an achievable goal in mind, your personal trainer will give you realistic exercises to complete. These will start gentle and work up. They will focus on the areas of your body where you need to regain the strength the most, and there may be some other general exercises for your overall well being.


Staying Positive


It can be tough to go through the recovery process. Keeping yourself feeling upbeat and motivated to achieve your results can be a struggle. You may get days when you feel down about your situation, and you may beat yourself up for getting injured in the first place. You need to try and practice self-kindness though to help with your recovery.