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Tips To Motivate You To Get Fit

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Finding the motivation to get fit is tough. We don’t have the same energy levels or lifestyle that we had as children, but with these tips, hopefully, it’ll give you the motivation needed to get fit.


Buy Some New Fitness Clothes

There’s nothing quite like it when you’ve got a new outfit that you wear for the first time, and the same can be said for fitness clothing. It might not seem it but wearing the right clothing makes the difference in getting the most out of your workout and depending on the exercise you are doing, different workout attire is needed. So if you’re lacking some fitness attire then you definitely should do a little shopping for some new pieces. Try to have at least three or four that you can put on rotation. There’s nothing more annoying than having all of your workout clothes in the wash.


Join A New Class Or Gym

If you’re lacking the motivation to go to your gym or a class you regularly go to then it might be that you fancy something a little different. Perhaps the gym equipment in your current place is lacking some key machines, or you’ve probably gotten a little bored of the same type of class. The best fitness gym is going to have everything you could ever need, plus machines that you might not have even come across. It should have plenty of personal trainers on site to give you advice on how to use the machines etc. When joining a new class, look at your local community and what they might be doing nearby. A simple search on the web or walking into your town centre might pull up a few classes of interest.


Get A Personal Trainer

We all work out differently, and we all have preferred ways of working out. Some of us like being alone, and some like being in groups. Having someone to cheer you on and to keep you pushing might be just what you’re after. The best way to have that is by getting a personal trainer. Some work within the gym you may be at, while others travel from client to client. With a personal trainer, you have one on one time, where you can discuss your goals and what you’d like to achieve from having a PT.


Set Yourself Some Goals

Goals are a great way of enabling that motivation. It might be a goal that’s based around a certain event that you want to get into shape for, or maybe you have a certain amount of weight that you’d like to lose. These goals are going to help you remain focused on why you’re attending that spinning class or why you’re heading to the gym before work. It’ll get you through those tough moments.

So whether you get a personal trainer or try out a new gym or fitness class, it’s important that you implement some form of fitness into your life. It’ll help you stay fit and healthy for longer!

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Posing The Case Of Why Yoga Is Good For More Than Just Your Mind

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Yoga tends to get a bad reputation among die-hard gym goes. Far from seeing this as a serious way to get fit, such individuals view it as a way to warm up or recover after exercise. Some don’t even give it that much time. They’re too put off by the focus on things like mind-body connections and mental wellbeing.

If you’ve discarded yoga until now, though, you’ve been doing your workouts a disservice. There’s no denying that it’s a different way to keep fit. But, once you get into the nitty-gritty of this method, you’ll soon find that it isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, if you get the right poses under your belt, you could end up working wonders for your fitness levels here.

Far from being all about sitting on a mat and making sounds, yoga is an intense exercise method. It requires insane reserves of strength. At the very least, it can help you to build stamina and muscle. The mind-body connection you’ve been scorning until now could also take you a long way towards mastering other aspects of fitness. So, whether you join a group class like those offered by fitness studios such as Sweat or go it alone, you can bet yoga will change your body for there better. To prove that, we’re going to look at three poses which can do more for your body than even heavy weights could.


fitness alringtonPlank Pose

If you want to build upper body strength, you need to try plank pose. This pose alone is a fantastic and efficient alternative to press ups. And, you can bet it has even more of an impact on your fitness. That’s because plank requires you to hold what is effectively an upward push up. The strength it takes to hold this position for a long time is insane. Even once you manage that, you can opt for variations like side plank. This is sure to see your muscles growing before your very eyes.


Revolved Triangle Pose

Most yoga revolution poses are fantastic for full-body fitness. Still, we’re going to focus on the revolved triangle pose here. That’s because this twisting pose works everything from your legs to your torso. It can also go a long way towards perfecting your balance. This pose also works wonders for your spine, and holding it for extended periods is sure to leave you feeling as good as any gym session. One thing’s sure; you’ll ache in places you never thought you could after this.


Bow Pose

As the name suggests, the bow pose will see you poised like an archer’s bow. This position, which sees you on your belly while arching up to grab your legs, does amazing things for your body. Not only will this be a fantastic workout for your legs and arms, but it’ll also help to tone up those stomach muscles. With links to also helping ease anxiety, we would say that’s far more worthwhile than your usual fitness efforts.

Easy Ways to Stop Getting Bored at the Gym

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Doing the same exercise over and over again may seem like a good way for you to get results, but it really isn’t. Your fitness will plateau and you may even find that you get bored as well. If you want to stop all of this from happening, then there are a few things that you can do to try and boost your results.



A superset is two exercises that are done back to back, without any rest at all. Supersets are fantastic because they mean that your heart rate stays up and it also challenges your body in whole new ways too. Performing supersets will decrease the amount of time that you need to spend at the gym too, so this is another bonus. Traditional programs will tell you to rest for 30 seconds between sets, but with a superset you will only rest at the end of the set. This is an important point to take note of, as it completely changes up the workout. When planning out your superset, it helps to choose exercises that focus on two different parts of the body. This can include your upper body and lower body for example. This way you won’t get too fatigued when working out.



Cardio routines can become incredibly boring after a while. This is especially the case if you go to the gym and end up doing the same thing over and over again. When you repeat the same cardio, your body also knows what to expect and eventually it will stop responding to the exercise. You will also start using up less calories when doing that exercise, and this can cause you to gain a lot of weight. If you want to stop this from happening, then run for 10 minutes and then use the stair climber for another 10 minutes. By changing things up, you can then keep your body working.



Classes can be a fantastic way for you to stop yourself from getting bored when working out. The main reason for this is because it puts you in a completely different environment. You get the chance to meet new people and you are also going at someone else’s pace. The workout trainer may also be playing different music to what you’d normally play, and this can have a huge impact on your engagement level. If you want to really mix things up, why not look into Kung Fu training?



You may think that the only way to really get results would be for you to workout at the gym, hard. What a lot of people don’t know is that yoga can also be a fantastic way for you tone up as well. It engages different muscles and it can also help you to burn a huge amount of calories in a short space of time. If you have never looked into yoga before, then now is certainly the time because it could be just what you need to change up your routine.

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Finding Movement You Love

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Sweat and hard work, if the idea of working out has never appealed and if the idea of running makes you run for the hills, then it’s time you were offered a fresh approach to fitness. Some ideas that while giving you the strength and flexibility you’re looking for won’t leave you gasping and grunting in the weights room of your local gym.

In this guide we give you some alternative fitness strategies that you might just fall in love with.


Stay Home

Not in bed or on the sofa but with some home fitness based workouts that will offer you great exercise without any fancy equipment or the need to pay expensive membership.

YouTube is your friend, here you’ll find everything from old fashioned aerobic training to videos on stretching properly, HIIT workouts, yoga and so much more. The beauty of working out at home is that you only need to try something once. With so many options on offer you can mix and match your regime with a different video every day.


Stretch for Strength

Not running, no weights but something altogether more holistic. We’re talking about Pilates. Developed by Joseph Pilates this system can be practised with or without equipment and focuses on strengthening your core and overall strength through deep breathing, flow and connected movements.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can access a Pilates class from home YouTube videos to community centre classes and specialist centres such as C2 Pilates.

The great thing about these exercises is that they can also be adapted to focus on any problems areas you have. So, for example, if you’re suffering with some lower back pain then Pilates will help strengthen your core and help your posture to help ease the ache.

Yoga too is another popular choice for its holistic outlook. Yoga very much focuses on increasing the flexibility of the body but like Pilates can be adapted to focus on your different needs.

Aside from feeling stronger and more flexible, both Yoga and Pilates are great for relaxing and winding down or starting your day in a gentle and energising way.


Get Wet

If you’re looking for low impact then why not take a dip in your local pool. You could do a few lengths to get you started or if you prefer a little more guided exercise then why not try out aqua aerobics. You won’t feel the thud of landing on your knees but rather feel graceful, smooth movements as you follow a series of cardio improving exercises. The water’s resistance adds to the difficulty but won’t feel as arduous as, say, a workout with weights.

Get creative and your health and fitness levels will see a slow but steady improvement as you focus on finding exercise you love. Feeling great shouldn’t be a major hassle or an unenjoyable experience so try out a few ideas and get your body feeling great and ready for the next set of challenges.

Fun Fitness Ideas For Spring

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As we move deeper into the spring and summer seems to be just around the corner, a lot of us might be starting to think of our bodies and getting them ready for the warmer months. It is no secret that a lot of us put on weight during the winter and when it finally comes to summer we are feeling less than athletic and lean. Well, you don’t need to head to the gym in a hurry this year and we have some fun ways to build muscle and shed fat in the coming months!



Swimming is a great way for us to get fit and it is a method which is always pretty fun to do. When we want to lose some weight and strengthen the whole body at the same time, swimming classes can be a wonderful way to do this. Swimming uses muscles from all over our bodies and this makes it ideal for keeping us lean and fit for the spring. You can even think about taking a water aerobics or dance lesson and this can be super fun!


Roller blade

Although you might not have put on a pair of skates since you were a child, rollerblading can be a great way to work those legs and flutes as well as tighten up your abs this year. Roller blading is a sport which lots of adults still do and it can be a fun way to work out your body without having to think about the fact that you are working out.



When it comes to getting fit and losing some weight during the spring, there is no better way than to get out for some nights out with your friends and dance the fat away. If you are looking for the perfect excuse to dance and party, losing a few pounds is definitely it! You can also think about taking a dance class or joining in with a Zumba class in your local area and this can be super fun too!



If you have kids or pets, one great way for you to get a little bit leaner and fitter without thinking about it is to get outside and play. Playing football or frisbee or any other games with your kids can be a good way to move your body around and stay fit without realising it, and of course it is a great way for you to bond with the people you love.


Walk the dog

Walking your dog has to be one of the simplest ways to stay fit on this list. If you have a dog, you will know that they need to be walked at least once a day to keep them healthy and fit throughout their lives. It is a great way to force you out of the house and into the open and at the weekend you can make a day of it and head out for a hike in the countryside with your furry friend!

3 Unconventional Tips for Supporting and Boosting Fitness

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Fitness is the kind of thing that people usually take a pretty “direct” and “dogmatic” approach towards. So, for example, you’ll hear certain boxing diehards arguing with great passion that the only way to develop good cardiovascular fitness is to do plenty of “roadwork” by jogging for hours at a stretch.

Then, there are the bodybuilders and powerlifters who will tend to have very adamant opinions about just what it takes to make it. (Spoiler: the answer given is usually “lift until you’re about to die, then lift some more like you really want it.”)

Whether you are a personal trainer and use The 20 Best Personal Trainer Apps to connect with your clients, or are a fitness enthusiast yourself, it’s worth being mindful of the fact that there really are some unconventional tips for supporting and boosting fitness that appear to have a good degree of anecdotal and research evidence behind them.

So, if you’d like to come at things from a more nuanced angle, here are a few strategies you can try outside of the conventional “Calories in, Calories out, Heavy Compound Lifts, Sprints and Jogging” doctrine.



Focus on breath training


Have you ever heard of Wim Hof? If not, do a quick web search on him, and you’re likely to be pretty impressed.

To cut a long story short, he’s a half-insane Dutchman, who has broken all kinds of wacky and dangerous records that should, by all accounts, be impossible. For example, he’s gone up Everest wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and hiking boots.

The interesting thing about Wim Hof is that he’s been put through rigorous tests in scientific lab settings, and it turns out that he really is able to do some pretty amazing things to his body, and overall endurance levels, largely through a set of breathing exercises he does.

Wim Hof isn’t the only guy who touts the benefits of breathing exercises, either. The MMA heavyweight legend, Bas Rutten, has developed his own breath training device called the “O2 Trainer” that works by forcing the trainee to breathe against resistance.

He credits the device with boosting his stamina to the next level, and effectively curing him of his lifelong asthma.

There are plenty of different types of breathing exercises out there. The key message is that you shouldn’t assume that the only way to develop cardiovascular fitness is by doing “cardio” exercise. Doing specific breathing exercises may have a major impact on your athleticism and health.



Go for more intense, less frequent workout sessions, and count time under tension rather than reps


The legendary, old school bodybuilder Mike Mentzer was famous for his innovation of “High Intensity Training” methods in the realm of weightlifting.

Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, who has advocated the training twice a day, Mike Mentzer reportedly only trained once a week.

Recently, some fitness and medical professionals, inspired by Mike Mentzer, have been promoting the idea of once-per-week weight training sessions, with only one working set per exercise, and with reps done super slow. Not only that, but the emphasis is on counting time under tension, not reps.

This is the basis of the book “Body by Science,” for example.

If you listen to the authors of the book – and they quote plenty of studies – doing this kind of once-a-week training may actually be enough stimulus to help you get in the best shape of your life, while reducing your risk of injury, and freeing up plenty of time to spend on other things.



Emphasise the importance of sleep


Everyone more or less knows that getting enough rest is important for making proper progress in the gym. What people don’t always appreciate, however, is just how fundamental getting enough sleep is for your overall fitness, and your overall health, too.

The book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, explains that getting insufficient sleep ruins the immune system, damages the organs, dramatically increases the risk of death from all causes, and more.

If you – or a client – aren’t sleeping enough, but are killing it at the gym, and at the dinner table, progress is simply going to be held back dramatically all the same.

In a case like this, just making the effort to get a bit more sleep every night could have a completely stunning impact on your overall fitness levels, not to mention your energy levels, your health, and your emotional well-being.

Start to move things in this direction by turning off the digital devices several hours before the time you want to go to sleep, cooling off your bedroom, and unwinding with a good book

How to Tailor Your Fitness Routine to Your Lifestyle

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One of the greatest challenges of modern men is finding the time to exercise. Most of us are tied to our desks or sit in the car all day, not getting enough exercise, just to realize that we are too tired at the end of the day to go to the gym or start jogging. If you often feel overwhelmed and cannot find the time to work out, you will need to increase your motivation level and make the most out of your free time and start a routine that will make you more balanced mentally and physically.

Eat Healthy


If you lack motivation most of the time, chances are that you will need to start by changing your diet. You might have a vitamin or mineral deficiency that is affecting your energy level. You will need to change your diet to avoid injuries and to successfully recover after an exercise. Visit your doctor and get a blood test to find out what type of support your body needs to help you get fitter.

Start Slow

There us a common mistake people make when starting with an exercise routine; they make changes that are too big too soon. If you haven’t done any sports for a while, and lived pretty much a sedentary lifestyle, working out every day of the week will put too much pressure on your muscles and your joints. It will be hard for your body to adjust, and you will have to come up with a gradual Personal Training plan to avoid injuries.

Talk to a Professional

If you are not sure which types of exercise will deliver you the most benefits, and which ones are suitable for your goals, it is always a good idea to talk to a professional. If you join a gym, you will be given an initial assessment, and your fitness level will be measured. If you let the instructor know which types of exercises you prefer, they can create a personalized fitness routine for you.

Drop that Weight

In some cases, you will need to consider losing weight before you start exercising. For example, if you want to start jogging, and you have excess weight, you will put too much pressure on your knees and your joints, and this will probably cause damage to your tissues and injuries that are hard to recover from.

Choose Something You Can Do While Watching TV

If time is your main restraint, you will need to learn an exercise that is suitable for multitasking. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to work out; you might be able to get an exercise bike that you can use while watching TV, or even learning online. There are no more excuses not to work out; there is always a way to combine your fitness routine with other tasks.


Getting fit is a challenge for many. We lack time, energy, and motivation. Consider the above tips to find a workout routine that fits your lifestyle.

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Marathon Madness Is About More Than Just Your Practice Runs

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Training for a marathon is a pretty intensive task. Whether you’ve completed twenty or this is your first, the chances are that you have a whole load of practice runs planned. Looking at your training schedule is probably enough to wear you out. But, building stamina is essential for ensuring the day doesn’t knock you out completely.

Sadly, even those of us who stick to our running schedules well often find ourselves struggling. That’s because there’s more to marathon training than doing the deed. Obviously, nothing is better preparation than running itself. But, training is all about eating, sleeping, and thinking marathon at all times.

As such, you need to keep your head in that training game even when you aren’t due for a run. After all, there are usually recovery periods of at least a few days after each session. If you take your eye off the ball during that time, you’re never going to be ready when the time comes. Instead, focus on filling your free time with the following less-obvious prep methods.


Focus on your eating

Believe it or not, what you eat in the lead up to your marathon can have a significant impact on your performance. Why do you think athletes stick to strict meal plans? If you’re bingeing on pizza and fatty snacks on non-run days, you’ll soon feel the impact. That’s because foods like these can cause lethargy, which is never going to help with your run. Instead, you want to focus on healthy foods, including carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. You may also find it beneficial to eat smaller meals. Running while bloated is the last thing you want.

Follow along with other running journeys

Marathon training can feel pretty lonely. Unless you have a buddy to go on runs with, you’re in this thing on your own. That means running solo for hours on end, and not being able to share your struggles. The good news is that many others now catalogue their running progress online. Some of these resources are even marathon-specific. Many people now post training vlogs, for example. Or, you could head to blogs like Challenge SEP which follows an altogether more general journey of someone who is trying to build their running stamina.

Scrolling through sites like these is a fantastic way to ease any worries you might have. It could also give you some fantastic tips to take to your next run with you.


Practice self-belief

As much as practice runs are essential, so is self-belief. You could train non-stop, after all, and a marathon would still be something of a challenge. That’s why you also need to spend plenty of time boosting the belief that you can achieve this. Some people do this with positive affirmations. Others find practices like meditation help them to reach that determined headspace. This is especially useful as it allows you to enter a meditative mindset during the marathon. That could just be the thing which ends up getting you through.

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Simple Ways to Recover After Exercise

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If you have decided to start trying to get fit this year ready for that summer body, there are a lot of different activities you may have added to your daily routine. When we work out a lot during the week our body can become tired and tense. It is always important after a workout to stretch and relax the body, and today we are going to look at some of the different ways we can recover after exercise.



Depending on the kind of activity you do, physiotherapy can be a useful tool to have on hand when you need it. If you play a high intensity sport such as football this can be useful for you because a therapist will be able to help release tension in the legs and make sure that you don’t develop a cramp or a strain. This kind of therapy can be used on anyone for any kind of muscle and joint pain so it is worth a try if you have some long term issues.



After a long week of workouts, what could be better than lying down and doing absolutely nothing? Massages are great because they not only help to release any tension in your muscles and loosen any knots, but they also help to make sure that your blood circulates better around the body and that oxygen can reach all of your cells. This aids in the recovery of your body and can be a great thing for you after a tough week.


Ice bath

This next one is something which is hard to do, but it can be a great way to cool the body down and allow you to recover after a long workout. An ice bath is something which a lot of athletes will do after a big event and it can help to cool down the body and allow it to recover. It might be hard to sit in a bath of freezing water, but it is well worth it once you manage to relieve those aches and pains!


Foam roller

One of the best devices you can use when you have a lot of aches and pains to attend to has to be a foam roller. A foam roller is the ideal tool which you can use to massage your legs and arms and back after a workout and it will help increase the blood flow back into the body.



Another great way to recover your muscles after a workout can be to complete a relaxing yoga session. Yoga is an exercise which can act as a great warm up and cool down session to a workout. The stretches within a yoga session all aim to allow the body to be as flexible as possible and it also strengthens the muscles throughout the whole body. Practicing even 10 minutes of yoga at the end of the day can be a great way to keep your body fit and healthy for much longer.

Nutrition-Motivational Tips for Your Success

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Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food

ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.”

– Mike Adams, author, investigative journalist, educator


Why are we so stubborn about our health? The idea of living without major illnesses is

pretty simple – eat right and exercise daily. Yet, we fail miserably. Does this mean great

tasting food is bad for you? The fact is, we are often blown away by heavy marketing

released by major food companies that use a lot of preservatives and whatnots just to

get the food to taste good. We should learn to be more selective and save ourselves

from a life of chronic medical problems.


Imagine, eating an orange can give you a healthy dose of Vitamin C that would prevent the common cold. Instead, we choose to drink carbonated orange juice with an expiration date well into the next year. What kind of orange stays fresh for a year? Go fresh and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed.


“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find

time for illness.”

– Edward Stanley


The truth is, we are our worst enemy because we like to live for today, and throw our

cares for tomorrow. This means we enjoy that extra large bag of chips and jumbo soda,

and let tomorrow take care of itself. Then, if we get sick, do we ever go back and regret

the bag of chips? Hardly likely. We’ll blame the weather or the guy next door who kept

us up all night with his loud music. It’s never our fault, right? Wrong!


There is always a price or prize to pay for everything. If we eat right, then we get the prize of good health and a fit body. If we eat wrong, then we pay the price of illness, bad hair, nail, skin, and teeth. You can look beautiful by eating less preserved food, and more fresh produce.