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My Story:

My name is Daniel, and I want to be as real, and honest as I can be so you will understand who I really am, where I came from and what I am truly passionate about and why.  Throughout my life I have accomplished a lot of really great things that I am proud, however, it was my struggles that helped me succeed.  Many times we see what someone has accomplished and think that road was easy.  My story is far from that and I proud of who I am and what I am becoming each day.

If someone had told me when I was younger, what I would be doing today I would have looked at them as if they were crazy.Living in another country,coaching athletes, CEO’s, and business professionals, was something that I couldn’t even fathom at a young age.

I grew up in a small town in the west part of Buenos Aires, Argentina called Castelar.I was raised by my mom as single parent.Growing up, even though I excelled in sports, I always felt disconnected.  Disconnected from myself, and others at times.  Playing sports was something that I did well, but it wasn’t who I was.

My parents got divorced when I was 7 years old, and that’s when I really started to develop more and more into introverted personality. We went from having it all to being to be bankrupted in the blink of an eye.  Seeing that relationship unravel took a toll on me as young kid, and because of it, I kept a lot of things to myself emotionally for a long time.

What I didn’t realize was that sometimes life can be hard and I acted like nothing happen to me.I didn’t want to  look stupid, or immature, although often times I felt like going to school never came easy to me.  I was constantly restless and distracted, never able to focus on one thing at time.  I could focus for a about 10 minutes on a test then just fill in the rest, out of boredom. This would be a pattern that would continue throughout my and into college.

Growing up playing sports kept me grounded.  It was my outlet for expressing and releasing what I had bottled up.  Of all the sports I played growing up, basketball was the game I loved the most.  I didn’t realize it then, but basketball was my alter ego growing up.  I could be assertive, take chances and risks without worrying what people thought about me, I could be vulnerable by always wanting to be coached on my weaknesses.   But the one thing I loved about sports was the stability of a team, a family.

Finding my passion and purpose was something I struggled with for many years.  When my days of playing basketball came to an end I found myself even more lost and confused.  I was constantly questioning who I was, what I wanted, and where was I going in life.   I had a lot of limiting beliefs that held me back from really creating and understanding my passion and purpose.

I was more confused than ever.  So I decided to take one of the biggest risks in my life and move away to a place where I didn’t know anyone, and they didn’t know me, United States.  I needed to figure out who I was, without sports. What was I most passionate about? What did I want to do with my life? Who was the person I wanted to become?

When I came home I was more connected to who I was but had lost connection with some of the people that were closest to me. I was on my path of finding myself and in pursuit of finishing up my law degree.Having always had a desire to help people, for years I thought being a fitness coach would be the career that would fit me best.  While going to law  school I worked a few jobs, and one of those being a personal trainer.

Working as a trainer was where my passion of helping people turned into my purpose.  After all of the schooling was done I had made a commitment to pursue being a performance coach as my full time career.  With no idea how to make it a career, or how much money I would make, I followed my gut and knew that it was my calling to proactively serve people and help then to get better.

I made a leap of faith in January 2006 to open Daniel Fitness a Private Personal Training, Health & Nutrition Coaching practice in the Washington DC Metro area focused on healthy living and invites people of all fitness levels to live better.

I hold a degree in Law of the University of Buenos Aires and though my 25 years fitness career I hold several certifications:Functional Aging Specialist(FAI), TRX Master Coach,ACE Personal Trainer,Precision Nutrition Coach,ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE Health Coach,Combine 360 Performance Coach, TRX Coach and many others more.

I love being a fitness entrepreneur and being a visionary for the business, but I will always stay in the trenches of fitness and stay connected to our clients I train the top professionals in Washington DC metro,Alexandria,Arlington and McLean and their families. I am a driven leader to my core, but my family is my rock. My wife Celeste  and my daughter Antonella are my world.

Regular exercise,family time at  home or vacationing in Orlando,playing with my daughter or laughing at work is what keeps my life in balance.

It is my hope and intention that whatever your goals are and wherever you are today, that you can immerse yourself in a positive environment like Daniel Fitness to get the most out of your health, fitness, performance, and LIFE.

Each of us has a life worth telling a story about.What it’s yours story?

I look forward to helping you on your journey to creating the BEST life you can imagine.

Daniel  Yakupka

Founder of Daniel Fitness

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