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5 Unbelievable Benefits of Squats

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If you’re not doing squats yet, today is the day to start. They can build strong legs and glutes over time, which is why squats are a part of the strength training routine of many athletic people. Here are some leading benefits of squats, and they just might surprise you!

Get Firm Glutes

The biggest muscle of the body, the gluteus maximus, is one that gets stronger when you do squats. When the glutes firm up, they’re getting strong, and that’s important for stability of the body, as well as power in the lower body. The great news is that you can even do squats during lockdown.

Build the Calves

As you do squats regularly, notice how your calves grow stronger, as well as how they increase in size. You will likely find more stability in your ankles, as well, than you may have experienced before. The reason for the changes with the calves is that you’re doing a wide range of motion with them when you do squats.

Mental Boost

While the benefits up until now have been physical ones, it’s important to note that when you notice positive changes in your body that you will likely become more self-confident. Notice the strength of your body that comes with doing squats and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable with the improvements.

Burn Body Fat

The more muscle you have, the more calories expended in a day. As the squat targets the glutes and calves, which are both big muscle groups, the number of calories burned will be significant. Interestingly, many of these burned calories happen after the workout rather than during it. As your body works to repair itself after the strength training session ends, your body will also build muscle and burn fat.

Better Mobility

Did you know that squats improve how mobile your body is? When your joints go through a range of motion, and you have proper form when doing the squats, then you will develop the ability to do many movements. The better mobility that comes from that can help you feel more limber, enjoy a range of exercises, and feel good about your body too.

There are Many Variations

While you might be thinking that you’ll tire of doing squats, that’s not true when you do different varieties of them, so that your training routine doesn’t feel stale.

There is the front squat, as well as the back squat. Variations include the Bulgarian split squat, pistol squat with medicine ball, lateral step out squat, side-to-side squat jump, and much more. Vary the ones you use to keep your workouts exciting.

Final Words on Squats

Now that you have read the many benefits of squats, you’re likely wondering why you haven’t been incorporating them into your fitness routine. Today is the day to start!

Don’t be hard on yourself if you struggle with the movement at first. It is a complex one that involves many muscles and proper form throughout it. Take it slow as you master the correct position and then start to include it in your workout. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your workout routine to make sure it’s safe for you.


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