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4 Exercise Classes To Develop Core Strength

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We all have different fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight or toning up. Many of us would like to build up our core strength, which is beneficial to protect our bodies from injuries. So what are the best exercise classes to build up core strength? To get you started, these four are excellent options.


1 . CrossFit 


CrossFit classes merge many different elements of fitness and sport. During a CrossFit class, you’ll perform movements that combine gymnastics, weights and cardio for a real high-power workout. You’ll develop flexibility, control and get in shape in no time. CrossFit classes are both challenging and high impact; with this in mind, you’ll need a good general level of fitness to participate. If you have any underlying injuries or health conditions, ensure to check with your doctor and the instructor before attending.


  1. HIT Classes


HIT means ‘High-Intensity Interval Training’. A HIT class entails a high-intensity workout followed by a low-intensity workout. Throughout a HIT class, this process is repeated in several reps. During a HIT class, you’ll be performing a combo of burpees, press-ups, squat jumps and kettlebell swings. It’s also likely that you’ll practice dumbell presses. HIT classes have significantly increased in popularity over the last few years, and it’s likely due to the weight loss and core strength potential. When it comes to fitness tips, taking up HIT training is the best advice you’ll ever get! HIT classes may not be suitable for those with certain injuries, so it’s best to check first.


  1. Boxfit


Boxfit is a boxing-based workout, yet unlike traditional forms of boxing, it’s non-contact. During a boxfit class, you’ll develop your strength, speed and agility. A Boxfit class is all the cardio you need to work your whole body and burn plenty of calories. These classes are based on boxing training concepts that boxing professionals use to keep fit. Throughout a Boxfit class, you’ll perform shadow boxing, skipping, kicking punch bags and press-ups. Many people find the idea of a contact boxing class intimidating. With Boxfit you can get a fantastic workout, with zero boxing contact.


  1. Yoga 


Yoga is pretty much one of the top exercises for improving your core strength in the long-term. When you practice yoga, you’ll also improve your posture, flexibility and tone up. Yoga also has benefits for the mind, as it helps us to relax and de-stress. If you are a beginner, it’s best to start with Hatha style yoga, moving onto Vinyasa once you’ve got the basics. Ashtanga yoga classes are the most challenging; you’ll sweat lots and build up your core strength.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, gyms and yoga studios are offering online classes. This is excellent news for those who still want to get their workout during the lockdown. The trouble is, you may not have any equipment home. It’s advisable to purchase those at-home workout essentials to get you started. Ensure that you perform a full warm-up and stay hydrated when practising online classes or home-based workouts.


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