Daniel Fitness is a concierge home Personal Training, Health, and Nutrition Coaching practice. Our approach is comprehensive yet customized for each client to facilitate long-lasting behavioral change.Our goal is not only to build physical strength but mental strength. Undoing years of unhealthy habits are challenging and can be virtually impossible for most people to do alone. With our client- coach relationship you are never alone, and anything is possible.

Our comprehensive approach emphasizes fitness, nutrition, and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle change.

We design each client’s program to meet their specific needs and preferences. Everyone is unique, and what works for one client may not be right for another. We make house calls to many of Alexandria,Arlington,McLean & Georgetown DC top professionals and their families. Experience training in the convenience and privacy of your own home. Our clients mean the world to us. We put our clients’ needs first and strive to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

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“I want to be able to play golf in my nineties” ~Roy, 60

Before I discovered exercise, my life was in a shambles. It changed my whole outlook on everything.” Dog lover and grandma
Ida, 63, who began working out at 48

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Daniel Yakupka is a recognized strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer,health coach and author who motivates, educates, and inspires people everyday.



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