Regina R.

I have an old spine fracture and several herniated discs in my neck, that result in much pain and limited movement at times. These injuries create a chicken and the egg situation; you need to move and workout to keep your body and core strong, however, working out can cause flare-ups and injuries which prohibit exercise and I am at square one again. I have worked with Daniel for 9 months now, and I can say that his training has definitely helped me manage my pain and significantly strengthen my core and body. During several flare ups, he has been persistent in motivating me to continue to exercise to keep my muscles strong and flexible. Many trainers are focused on weight and number of reps someone can do. Daniel focuses on modifying exercises to his client’s needs which allows me to master form during each exercise, helping me avoid further injury. He creates a workout that is challenging, focuses on my body’s weaknesses, while challenging me in every workout. I have worked with many trainers over the years, some good, some mediocre, I would definitely put Daniel at the top of the list. He truly wants his clients to be fit and strong, but not at the sacrifice of injury.

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