Tips for Weight Loss in Washington DC Metro

Weight-loss is one of the most common goals of clients of Fit for Life Fitness In Home Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Specialists. I know, I know. You want to improve your strength. And fitness. And health. But many people are also trying to lose an extra 5-10 pounds. Or 20. Or 50. Or more. Let me preface with this….IT AIN’T EASY. Accomplishing weight-loss goals will take a heck of a lot of effort and discipline. With EXERCISE. And with NUTRITION. Here is a typical... Read More

Sure-fire Tips for Fit for Life Fitness In-Home Personal Training

Every year I have the privilege of successfully performing over 1000 In-Home Personal Training sessions. I absolutely love that fact that I can help my clients get in the best shape of their lives right in the convenience and privacy of their own home. The purpose of this article is to help my clients get the most out of their In-Home Personal Training sessions. Tip #1: Be Prepared In order to get the most out of your sessions, it is important to utilize every minute of the hour we have... Read More

Live a Fit Life: Weight Loss Tips

If you find yourself dreaming of looking better and truly need a body that is more pain free and moves better, it is safe to assume what you have been doing does not work, so being open to “different” should be natural. Change how you think about losing weight and getting into shape. Forget about almost everything you have learned. 1. Change how you think about “losing weight and getting in shape”: Losing weight and looking better is most often desired. But these are best achieved as... Read More

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