Live a Fit Life: Weight Loss Tips

If you find yourself dreaming of looking better and truly need a body that is more pain free and moves better, it is safe to assume what you have been doing does not work, so being open to “different” should be natural. Change how you think about losing weight and getting into shape. Forget about almost everything you have learned.

1. Change how you think about “losing weight and getting in shape”: Losing weight and looking better is most often desired. But these are best achieved as a byproduct of training to impact fitness, movement skill, mindset, energy, attitude, health, disease prevention, injury prevention, and give you an all-terrain-vehicle so you can say “yes” to participating in what you are passionate about! These bolster your “why”. The WAY you lose weight can also upgrade all these other areas. THAT is when exercising becomes a lifestyle.

2. Remember your “why’s”: Inspiration is short term unless one connects strongly with their aspirations. Anchoring to the “why” is the best sustainable motivation.Post your list of “why’s” where you can easily see it daily.

3. We never crush clients, we build them up: Using gym time to only crush calories in high speed high impact programs, or, endless ineffective slow cardio, both fall way short. HOW you lose weight can also lead to being ABLE to live a happier more vibrant healthy life.

Given the limited time to workout each week, focus on functional training not weight loss. If 3 hours a week in the gym, the magic to achieve your goals happens in how you live the 165 hours outside the gym. Invest gym time helping your body perform better, not on crushing calories. Train towards a “body that works better” to change how you can live 24-7

Functionally exercise DOES burn more calories than traditional workouts however the bigger magic is in restoring and rebuilding a body that works well. You’ll take that improved physicality and be inclined and confident to do things differently all week long. Taking the stairs will feel great for example, as will carrying groceries. You will have more energy and less pain so recreational activities become fun again. It all adds up to SUCCESS if it layers 7 days a week by how you live hour to hour.

4. Layer positive actions into habits: Each constructive decision you make actually has a training effect on the body. According to the biology of belief, mind and body effect one another. Get your mind right, you’ll get your body right. Get your body right, and you’ll get your mind right. Work from both angles and make every good small decision you can for the first 45 days. Stay with it. These new actions get ingrained as more solid habits after 45 days.

5. Exercise should be about communication: It must train the brain. With a computer anaology, your muscles, heart and lungs are your hard drive. Yet it is the software that operates your computer
and determines what all it can do.

Your brain and neural pathways are your software. I design more neurally complex exercise to re-program the brain to communicate with the body’s physical structure for more fluid skillful movement. To get started, select whole body strength exercise. The resistance or load not only develops the muscle, but, in combination with movement, requires the brain to coordinate the whole body through the action by asking many other muscles to work hard too.

6. Load motion: The best way to do this is load motion. No matter what muscle group you are focussed on, use the entire body. For example, slowly lunge forward then balance in a deep position while arm curling and shoulder pressing dumbells. The goal is to get long and strong from head to toe. Think yoga yet with more continuous movement, meets strength. Loading whole body motion with weights (against gravity) or lines of resistance (strength bands and pulleys) that oppose your intended direction of movement, rebuilds your “body armour” in ways which transfer well from gym to life demands and recreational activities.

7. Shop for strength: Let me summarize andr simplify nutritional recommendations: Don’t bring crap into your home. You are the gatekeeper to your home. Shop for strength and health. Change your grocery shopping mindset. It is not a task to begrudge rather it is an opportunity to engage in, present in the moment, enjoying selecting healthy foods that serve your goals, protect your kids, and help sustain the earth. Choose more real healthful food. Avoid fake chemicalized food. Done.

Your food should not be restrictive, rather it can be and need be empowering. I select foods that give me health and energy so I can live differently and apply myself at the gym better. I don’t worry about fat. Instead, less sugar less salt and fewer chemcials replaced by more real whole foods is incredibly powerful to your immediate quick results and long term sustainable health and performance.

I hope this shifts how you think about losing weight and getting into shape. The process and value is so much more than fitness and weight loss. Many people today are limited by fear and apathy. My primary objective for you to achieve is to turn fear and apathy into purpose and passion.

Your body is your all-terrain-vehicle. Lose your physical ability or your health and your world literally shrinks – forced to say no to things you love. Improve your physicality and your world expands, able to say YES to what you are passionate about, more confident you are ready to participate. This impacts your attitude bringing good energy to your partner, kids, friends and coworkers. Life is short. Build up your vehicle. Expand your world. Experience more. Live passionate.

Talk to you soon!!

Coach Daniel

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